How do we know that our hops are happy?

Because at our innovative plantation in Jastków, we know each seedling well. We provide them with perfectly clean conditions for development and healthy growth. We guarantee “on demand” irrigation, full monitoring and ideal conditions for storage and packaging. Each cone from Happy Hopfields contains the maximum amount of happiness, and we are proud of it!

The highest quality hops

Ours is the only hop plantation of this type in Europe, which ensures the highest quality of a healthy and PAH-free product, which is monitored at every stage of production and distribution, and its origin is confirmed by additional certificates of originality.

Hop to happiness

Hops grown in accordance with the global standard of good agricultural and production practices (GlobalG.A.P.) and in accordance with the methodology of integrated hop production

A noble variety of aromatic hops with a herbal-grassy, ​​spicy and slightly tea-floral aroma.

This is a variety of hops with resinous, woody and spicy aromas, characterized by spicy and herbal bitterness.

Pure hops are more than organic!


1) food safety
2) the traceability of the proper use of plant protection products
3) suitable fertilization, cultivation techniques, irrigation, waste management,
4) the safety and well-being of employees
5) environmental safety.


1) satisfactory, high-quality yields
2) cultivation that is safe for the environment and human health
3) rational use of fertilizers and plant protection products
4) harmonious use of biological and technical progress in the cultivation, fertilization and protection of plants